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MnTAP Strengthens Minnesota Businesses

Hats off to the 250 businesses across Minnesota who chose to work with MnTAP in 2014. The work of MnTAP’s dedicated staff members in partnership with these companies has resulted in many successes: 30 companies have realized reductions totaling over 6.0 million kWh, more than 440,000 therms of energy, 27 million gallons of water and avoiding over 330,000 pounds of waste. Combined, these reductions are saving companies more than $1.0 million annually.

In 2014, MnTAP:

  • Completed a two-year effort to provide training and assessments focused on strategies to reduce solid waste in rural Minnesota communities through sponsorship by the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Utilities Program
  • Supported businesses in their efforts to identify and implement energy efficiency solutions through Conservation Applied Research and Development grants by the Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources and support from utility partners
  • Continued outreach efforts to promote reduction of volatile organic compounds ,which contribute significantly to our state’s air pollution, in partnership with MPCA and with funding for a demonstration project by the United States Environmental Protection Agency
  • Focused on industrial water conservation with support from Metropolitan Council Environmental Services.

Be sure to check out the full 2014 Environmental Benefits Report here.

  • 2014 MnTAP Project Results - page 2
  • MnTAP Expands Focus Areas for 2015 - page 3
  • Energy and Wastewater Treatment - pages 4-5
  • MnTAP Intern Program: Success Spurs Growth - page 6
  • Resources and Tools - page 7
  • Calendar - page 8



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