Strengthening Minnesota businesses by improving efficiency while saving money through energy, water, and waste reduction
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2019 Student Applications

Students: MnTAP is now accepting applications for the 2019 Intern Program. Apply Today or call Nathan Landwehr for more information!

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2019 Intern Project Proposals

Businesses: Now is the time to submit an application for the 2019 Summer Intern Program. Apply Today or call Nathan Landwehr to start the process!
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Although Minnesota is a leader in air quality, air pollution is still a concern in our state. Reducing VOC emissions has positive health impacts for your employees, the general population, and potentially your bottom line.


Your company is still paying twice for water; once for the water provided to your facility and once for the amount of water you are discharging to the local wastewater treatment facility. Water conservation measures can reduce the amount of water you use as well as your water costs


Optimizing material use and reducing waste can make your operation more efficient and result in cost savings for purchasing, handling, and disposal.


Implementing energy efficient solutions can benefit your business by reducing costs, reducing the impact on the environment, and helping to ensure that a reliable and secure source of energy is maintained for the future.

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