Fiber Reinforced Plastics

Pollution Prevention Solutions for FRP Shops

The fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) industry today is experiencing significant growth as more products are made from reinforced plastic for greater durability, strength and life. Thousands of products are now manufactured from reinforced plastics including building materials, sporting equipment, appliances, automotive/aircraft parts, boat and canoe hulls, and bodies for recreational vehicles.

Growth in the industry also poses environmental and health concerns especially for shops that are not willing or able to upgrade to new, more efficient technologies. Environmental and health risks come from the styrene in the resin that is released when the resin has contact with air, resulting in employee exposure and VOC releases to the environment.

These Web pages offer ideas and resources for preventing pollution in open and closed molding situations. They also provide information on the environmental and safety rules in Minnesota for the fiber reinforced plastics industry as well as information about recycling options for scrap material.

Learn more about MnTAP’s current E3 in FRP project here.