Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from other assistance providers?

MnTAP is a well-established program that has been at the University of Minnesota since 1985. The majority of our technical staff members have concentrated on a specific industry for five or more years. Many staff members came to MnTAP after working and gaining experience in the industry sectors they serve.

How far can you take a project?

Depending on the scope and nature of your project, MnTAP staff members can provide technical assistance to help carry a project through to implementation. We will employ the appropriate type of assistance (interns, teams, site visits, etc.) to help your facility reduce waste and conserve energy. We can work on implementing projects with help from student interns or through MnTAP staff working with company teams. We also make referrals to grant programs and consultants.

How much time do you need?

We know you’re busy. Depending on the complexity of the question and/or situation, you could get a quick answer over the telephone or we may suggest a visit to your facility. We’ll work to fit your schedule’s demands.

How much does MnTAP charge?

MnTAP is partially supported through industry fees; therefore, most of our services are provided at no cost. However, companies who are selected to participate in our intern program are asked to help fund those projects through a cost-share.

How does MnTAP ensure confidentiality?

MnTAP fully respects a company’s need to protect its sensitive, proprietary, or confidential information. Confidentiality Statement.

What type of follow-up can I expect from a MnTAP site visit?

MnTAP will follow-up with you regarding the recommendations made after the site visit. This follow-up is designed to provide you with additional information and MnTAP with implementation information and savings data so that we can report back to our funder, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA). However, since we are a non-regulatory assistance provider, we are a separate entity from the MPCA. You can expect MnTAP to provide you with suggestions for energy reduction and pollution prevention, not to enforce laws or regulations.

What are sources of pollutants in wastewater (P, Hg, VOCs, metals)?

MnTAP staff members can use its resources to identify processes that use various chemicals and trace the path back to the source, then recommend ways to reduce or eliminate them.

Additional Questions

If you have questions about your industry or MnTAP, please feel free to contact our technical staff directly or email our general email. Due to the large number of inquiries into our program, staff may only have time to respond to Minnesota businesses and organizations.