Phone Assistance

phone-2When you have a question or need a referral, you can call MnTAP for quick answers about pollution prevention, energy efficiency, waste management, compliance needs, or partnering/resource needs. MnTAP staff members may be able to answer your questions over the phone, such as who provides aqueous cleaning equipment or low-VOC coatings.

Quite often, the first interaction we have with a facility is through a phone call. Our staff of experts are able to quickly provide answers and referrals over the phone and also can identify when additional assistance (site visits, interns, etc.) may be necessary.

What to Expect

When you call MnTAP for a quick answer to your waste or energy-related issue, we will direct you to the staff member with expertise in your industry. We will try to answer your question during the call or, if necessary, refer you to a more appropriate source for assistance.

For example, if you have a question about installing new equipment that qualifies for energy rebates, MnTAP will refer you to the rebate application. We may follow-up on your call to ensure that your needs were met. Additionally, a call may result in the staff member visiting your facility to conduct a site visit, if your question warrants more in-depth research.

Company Benefits

Telephone assistance from MnTAP can help your facility:

  • Get quick answers to waste and energy-related questions
  • Connect with other organizations and agencies that can provide resources
  • Discover opportunities for rebates, low interest loans, and grants
  • Start more in-depth pollution prevention and energy efficiency initiatives

Example: Assistance on potential purchase decisions

In 2009, an auto refinisher wished to purchase an existing paint booth from another company. The auto refinisher called MnTAP to determine if the paint booth was in compliance with industry standards.  Mick Jost, MnTAP’s vehicle maintenance specialist, researched OSHA, fire code, and NESHAP requirements. In a follow-up call, Mick shared conformance requirements with the auto refinisher and cautioned that the existing paint booth did not meet the industry standards and safety regulations. He also shared resources with the company, such as information about the small business loan program from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.