MnTAP Interns Can Tackle Your Waste and Energy Projects

Your business may be able to address waste reduction and energy efficiency projects sooner and faster with the help of a MnTAP intern. An intern can make suggestions that improve efficiency, save money, reduce waste, or decrease regulatory compliance burden. Also, an intern has the time and creativity to research alternative equipment, procedures, chemicals, and raw materials. As with all of MnTAP’s projects, all proprietary information at your facility is kept confidential during and after the intern project.

Additionally, you will benefit from:

  • A new set of eyes looking at your waste or energy project
  • Your intern being mentored and guided by a MnTAP engineer or scientist
  • A full report and presentation detailing the intern’s work and next steps for your company
  • MnTAP managing the recruiting, hiring, and training process