Intern Project Proposal

Call Nathan Landwehr today to discuss your project ideas for the 2019 summer intern program!

Use this form to outline your proposed MnTAP intern project. Once started, you must complete this form and submit it. You will not be able to start the form, save part of it, and return later. Therefore, you will want to gather information about your project prior to filling out the form. Make sure you have:

  • Information about the amount of waste generated or energy used at your facility.
  • A description of the proposed project and/or project goals.
  • The names and contact information for people at your facility who will be involved the project
  • Information about your company’s ability to contribute a cost-share ($3,000).

Keep in mind that MnTAP staff can work with you to help develop a pollution prevention or energy efficiency project for your facility that fits within our program’s requirements. A facility walk-through is required to evaluate projects for acceptance. Questions? Call Nathan Landwehr, MnTAP’s intern program administrator at 612-624-4697.

You will need to fill out three pages to complete this application. As you finish one page, click on “Save & Go to the Next Page” to be taken to the following page. At the end, you will have the option to print your application prior to submitting it to MnTAP. This is a secure form and your information will only be used by MnTAP for the intern program. You will receive a confirmation email with your completed application as well as a link to edit your information if you so choose.

*If you would rather fill out our form off-line, please download it (PDF). Once completed, you may email it to MnTAP at