Greening Your Business

The Path to Green: Twelve Tips to Get Started

Many businesses are realizing the dual benefits of going green: lower operating costs and improved environmental impact.

MnTAP can help you reduce your environmental footprint while saving money. Our scientists and engineers are able to work with businesses within many manufacturing and service industries. Our site visits, intern program, team facilitation expertise, and other services can help you identify opportunities to cut costs through pollution prevention and energy efficiency practices.

We often get questions about how to help businesses “go green.” The twelve tips in these Web pages will help you think about what going green means for your facility. We address issues like water conservation, energy efficiency, smart use of resources, purchasing practices, and Lean, among others.  This is not meant to be inclusive, but rather get you thinking about making changes within your facility. Each link takes you to a page with more information about the topic, company examples, and resources for more information.