Metal Finishing

Pollution Prevention in Metal Finishing Facilities

Metal finishing can put functional surface layers on a wide variety of metal (and plastic) products to change a surface’s hardness and resistance to corrosion and lubricity, as well as to make surfaces biocompatible. Metal finishing is also used for decorative effects by changing the color, texture, and sheen of a surface. Some of these effects are achieved through physical processes such as brushing, but many are achieved through the use of chemicals.

Many wastes, emissions, and releases are regulated in the metal finishing industry due to the volume and hazardous nature of the chemicals used. The cost of regulation compliance creates incentive to use hazardous chemistries in a safer, more efficient way. These Web pages offer resources for preventing pollution in your metal finishing facility and provide information on the environmental and safety rules in Minnesota for metal plating and finishing.


  • The California Department of Toxic Substances Control recently awarded Valley Chrome Plating Company for significant pollution prevention in the Clovis/Fresno area and leading the industry in greening their business. Learn about their waste reduction at