Regulatory Information

Regulatory Information


Metal finishing operations must comply with multiple environmental, health and safety regulations. Find information on air, hazardous waste and wastewater regulations through the links below.

Air Quality Regulatory Information

The National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) are emissions standards set by the United States EPA. These standards are authorized by Section 112 of the Clean Air Act.

  • NESHAP: Summary of Regulations Controlling Air Emissions from Plating and Polishing Operations
  • NESHAP: Chrome. This is the current rule on chromium emissions from hard and decorative chromium electroplating and chromium anodizing tanks.
  • EPA: Rule and Implementation Information for Chromium Electroplating. Rule history and links to rules and amendments.
  • NESHAP: Plating and Polishing Area Source
  • NESHAP: Halogenated Solvent Cleaning
  • NESHAP: Steel Pickling
  • MPCA: Air Permitting Introduction [PDF 60KB]
  • MPCA: Air Permitting Publications
  • MPCA: NESHAP Assistance
  • MPCA: Air Emissions Calculators

Hazardous Waste Regulatory Information

Water Discharges Regulatory Information

Stormwater Regulatory Information

  • MPCA: Industrial Permit Guidance
  • MPCA: Stormwater Manual

General Topics Related to Rules and Compliance