Plated Right

Get It Plated Right

In an effort to control production costs and keep parts quality high, the Minnesota Association of Metal Finishers (MNAMF) and the Minnesota Technical Assistance Program (MnTAP) have created a series of fact sheets focusing on causes and solutions for the most difficult cleaning problems. These fact sheets are written for metal product manufacturers and designers.

Fact Sheet Series

By using the information in the fact sheets, you may improve your manufacturing processes—reducing plating costs and increasing both efficiency and profits. Each fact sheet will provide guidance on how to identify problem parts; what can be done to reduce or eliminate the adverse effects of problems; and what information your plating vendor needs to know about your parts jobs to handle them efficiently.

Remember: When changes like those discussed in this fact sheet series are not cost effective, discuss difficult parts cleaning circumstances with your plating vendor to minimize extra processing costs.

These fact sheets are a joint project of the MNAMF and MnTAP with the support of the following industrial organizations: American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society, Upper Midwest Branch; and Minnesota Precision Manufacturers Association.

The MNAMF is comprised of electroplating shops in Minnesota that provide a wide range of plating and metal finishing services on a contract basis. MNAMF members have common interests in improving product quality, reducing manufacturing cost and minimizing environmental pollution.