Dry Cleaning

Pollution Prevention in Dry Cleaning Facilities

The information on these pages can assist your dry cleaning facility with preventing pollution and complying with regulations. The primary source of waste in a dry cleaning facility is perchloroethylene (perc); therefore, these pages address ways to reduce your use of perc.

Perc is a commonly used solvent in the dry cleaning industry. It may be released into the environment from clothes transfer, waste removal, and uncontrolled emissions and it is suspected of being a carcinogen. Perc is regulated by local, state, and federal agencies; therefore, perc-related waste is expensive to manage and dispose of properly.

Preventing waste from your cleaning operation can add up to impressive savings for your bottom line and prevent significant amounts of pollution and waste. Additionally, using alternative technologies to reduce perc use and emissions also can attract environmentally-conscious consumers to your shop.


  • Dry Cleaning Compliance Calendar [PDF 1.07MB] This calendar is designed for perc dry cleaners to summarize environmental regulations and provide a place for keeping records.