P2 in Precision Manufacturing & Metal Fab

Best Management Practices & Implementation for MN Metal Fabrication & Metal Finishing


Webinar April 20, 2023

Watch the recorded webinar from April 20, 2023. MnTAP, Metals, and You: Strategies and best practices to help reduce wastes, improve your process, and cut costs in metal fabrication and finshing operations.

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The Minnesota Technical Assistance Program (MnTAP) is working with MPCA and EPA through a Pollution Prevention grant to identify pollution prevention priorities for the metal fabrication and metal finishing industries. These priorities were identified through informational interviews with practitioners, vendors, and other industry stakeholders.  Site assessments support implementation of best practices and identify additional improvement opportunities. Follow up activities will seek to motivate implementation of recommendations, confirm actions and develop case studies to share key outcomes broadly for replication. 


This project will provide technical assistance at no cost to work with Minnesota metal fabrication and metal finishing operations to identify pollution prevention priorities and best practices.


This project will perform the following activities:

  • Conduct informational interviews with industry stakeholders to define P2 priorities from the sector and develop source reduction resources and assistance activities relevant to the industries
  • Conduct on-site technical assistance related to the priority P2 targets with sector businesses and apply source reduction strategies to improve both environmental and business outcomes.

This program will utilize facility level pollution prevention assessments to identify the most pressing needs at each site. Technical assistance will provide needed follow-up to motivate implementation of identified opportunities. Project partners will follow up with participating companies to document impacts of implementation and develop case studies to share broadly across the industry.


More Information

For more information on the project or interest in technical assistance, please send an email
to mntap@umn.edu and a MnTAP staff member will connect with you to learn more.

Funding Source & Additional Resources

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Pollution Prevention Grant In Performance Partnership Grant PPG BG-98568811 has provided grant funding for this project.