Company Roles and Responsibilitiesroles-2

Each project requires a MnTAP Intern Project Agreement. The agreement outlines the project, sets the scope of work, and defines the research and deliverables. It highlights the roles and responsibilities of the people involved. This agreement is developed once your project has been accepted and then it is signed by representatives at your facility, MnTAP staff members, and the University of Minnesota.

While the agreement provides greater details about each company’s roles and responsibilities for the intern project, the following are general responsibilities.

  1. The company will be asked to contribute a cost share to support the program.
  2. Develop a work plan/timeline for the project with the MnTAP technical advisor.
  3. Identify sensitive, proprietary, or confidential information.
  4. Conduct a confirming interview of the intern candidate selected by MnTAP.
  5. Inform management and other employees about the intern and of the project goals.
  6. Assign an internal project supervisor who will provide on-going daily supervision of the intern.
  7. Provide appropriate safety training and supervision to the intern.
  8. Provide the intern with tools to work, including a desk or worktable and access to a telephone, fax machine, and computer.
  9. Pay all costs associated with and stemming from approved student work, including any approved tests, equipment or supplies needed to develop project objectives. Exceptions include student’s salary and limited travel expenses.
  10. Facilitate employee cooperation with the intern to ensure that the intern receives the assistance or information needed for the project.
  11. Periodically consult with the MnTAP technical advisor regarding project status and satisfaction with the intern’s work.
  12. Review and evaluate the student’s findings, conclusions and proposals for accuracy, feasibility, and relation to company needs and objectives.
  13. At your company’s sole discretion, implement cost-effective waste reduction measures identified by the student, where feasible.
  14. Review the final draft of the project report for completeness and clarity as a proposed implementation plan for the company.
  15. Evaluate the intern’s performance and the intern program in general at the conclusion of the project.
  16. Provide MnTAP with feedback describing the benefits of this project.