Non-Styrene Resin Project

SPECIAL PROJECT: Reducing Emissions from FRP Shops

resin-2MnTAP is partnering with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) on an effort to help Minnesota’s fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP) industry reduce styrene emissions. As you may be aware, styrene was recently listed as a chemical of high concern by the Minnesota Department of Health. MnTAP believes that eliminating styrene has environmental and occupational benefits and can lower energy costs, potentially reduce part weight, and reduce reporting requirements and fees.

The overall goal of this partnership will be to work with at least three companies on implementing non-styrene resins in order to reduce styrene emissions by over ten tons. Therefore, a key activity will be to assist manufacturers with trialing non-styrene resins in their current manufacturing processes.

Through this project, we will be working hand-in-hand with interested Minnesota manufacturers to help them acquire the materials needed and the working knowledge required to employ styrene-free chemistries. We will also explore the potential of additional technologies that may reduce styrene emissions in the workspace and environment.

In order to do achieve these goals, we need your assistance. MnTAP is actively recruiting firms that are specifically interested in reducing styrene emissions and showcasing manufacturing changes within your facility. For instance, if you have employed or plan to implement resin metering equipment, MnTAP would like to share your successes (and challenges) with others. Facilities that would like to experiment or implement styrene-free resins would also qualify to provide this teaching opportunity.

We will be looking for companies that wish to work with the partners on trialing new non-styrene resins, companies that wish to provide input on a variety of topics affecting the FRP industry, and companies that wish to be updated on the project’s progress and results.

If your facility would like more information about this one-year project, please fill out the following form. Or, feel free to contact MnTAP by email or phone: 612-624-1300.

MnTAP / MPCA Fiber Reinforced Plastics Project

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