Scrap Recycling

FRP Scrap Recycling Information

scrap-2Waste reduction methods, like maximizing transfer efficiency during spray up or minimizing trim waste from molded parts, can limit FRP scrap. However, even the best available FRP manufacturing technologies generate scrap. This solid waste is typically in the form of overspray, trimmings, or non-compliant parts. Most often, FRP solid waste is sent to a landfill.

A focus group conducted by MnTAP in 2004 indicated that FRP fabricators are interested in recycling scrap. FRP scrap can be recycled by mechanical, pyrolysis, or chemical means. When considering recycling FRP scrap, three main issues need to be addressed:

  • Technical processing issues
  • Transport and logistics
  • Economics

In 2004, MnTAP staff developed a report summarizing the current state of FRP recycling, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) Recycling [PDF 43KB].