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Source 2017 Issue 2

Table of Contents
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Project: Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Generation – pg 1
  • Opportunities: What’s New – pg 2
    • Tune Up Your Food Processing Act!
    • Cleaning the Air in North Minneapolis
    • MnTAP’s Website Got a Makeover!
  • Safer Products:  – pg 3
    • Cleaner Brake Cleaners in Duluth, MN
    • Foundry Sand Silica Alternatives
  • Wastewater Energy Efficiency – pg 4
    • Large Energy Savings Found in Saint Peter and New Prague WWTPs
  • Energy Efficiency Impacts the Bottom Line & Climate Health – pg 5
    • Staff Snapshot: A.J. Van den Berghe
    • Operating Sustainably at Pine River
  • Results – pg 6
    • Applying E3 to Fiber Reinforced Plastics
    • Good Advice from 2003 – Tight as a Drum
    • Minnesota Materials Exchange
  • Symposium – pg 7
    • 2017 Interns Identify Over $1,514,000 in Savings
  • How can we help you? – pg 8

Nearly 4% of U.S. electricity goes to moving (80%) and treating (20%) water/wastewater. Energy is a large
component of facility operating costs accounting for 25-40% of most wastewater utility operating budgets. It also has the greatest potential for cost reduction.

The age of wastewater facilities across the state ranges from less than 10 years to greater than 40 years in communities ranging in size such as those in the Twin Cities to cities and towns with 2,000 people or less. The cost to operate and maintain these systems can be a financial burden to many communities. Optimizing the operations and energy use of wastewater facilities can help communities save money to put toward other critical community needs.

Read more about pollution prevention and energy efficiency in POTWs at:

In this edition of Source, we share case studies in which MnTAP has partnered with Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency, Minnesota Department of Commerce, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy to work with Minnesota municipal wastewater treatment facilities to identify significant energy efficiency (E2) projects.

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