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Welcome to our new newsletter.  We have combined our printed quarterly newsletter –Source – and our monthly e-newsletter into one, more informative online newsletter.  In doing this, we are following our own advice and reducing the amount of paper products we use and send to our readers.

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Archived copies of MnTAP’s free newsletter, Source. Articles contain information that helps you take action on your waste issues. They also recognize the success of companies who have undertaken waste reducing activities.

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Celebrating Pollution Prevention Week

Celebrating Pollution Prevention Week

MnTAP, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the U.S. EPA are celebrating 30 years of pollution prevention (P2) during Pollution Prevention Week, September 21-27! Pollution prevention week is celebrated annually in September to remind everyone about the environmental and economic benefits of P2. P2 refers to avoiding waste and toxic materials from the start, instead of trying to clean them up later.

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July - Virtual Assistance
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March - Supprt During Challenging Times

Support During Challenging Times

The University of Minnesota is committed to ensuring workplace health and safety. In light of that commitment and the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19, MnTAP is working remotely and are available to help your business or community with information, source reduction opportunities and waste, water or energy efficiency measures.

How to connect with MnTAP

Telephone or e-mail assistance from MnTAP can help your organization:

  • Get quick answers to waste and energy-related questions
  • Discover opportunities for rebates, low interest loans, and grants
  • Start more in-depth pollution prevention and energy efficiency initiatives

More Articles

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February - Chemicals in our Lives
January - 2020 Intern Project Applications
May-June - Energy Efficiencies with Wastewater


Issue 1:  In this edition of Source we will feature MnTAP’s impacts on Minnesota businesses through site visits and our intern program.

2018 Source Issue 1


Issue 1:  In this edition of Source we’ll share case studies in which companies have adopted lean processes and have been rewarded with lower costs and smoother work flows while conserving precious resources.

2017 Source Issue 1

Issue 2:  Infrastructure, Investment, & Opportunities

2017 Source Issue 2


Issue 1: This special issue on degreasing includes success stories, greener products we’ve tested and tips on what to look for when evaluating current products or looking for safer ones. The issue also highlights 2015 success and 2016 projects and the intern program

2016 Source Issue 1


Issue 1: Focus on energy and wastewater treatment and other focus areas2015 Source Issue 1

Issue 2: 30th Anniversary and Focus on industrial painting, water conservation, and intern program
2015 Source Issue 2



Issue 1: Focus on new VOC reduction project and other ongoing initiatives
2014 Source Issue 1

Issue 2: Focus on new EPA regulations, water conservation, VOC reduction initiatives, and intern program
2014 Source Issue 2



Issue 1: Focus on resource efficiency and special grant funded projects
2013 Source Issue 1

Issue 2: Special issue focusing on energy projects and initiatives2013 Source Issue 2



Issue 1: Focus on energy reduction and resource efficiency and team and intern solutions
2012 Source Issue 1



Issue 1: Focus on reducing packaging waste in manufacturing and healthcare

2011 Source Issue 1

Issue 2: Focus on how MnTAP interns can help your facility reduce waste and save money
2011 Source Issue 2

Issue 3: Focus on how food processing success stories and new projects at MnTAP
2011 Source Issue 3



Issue 1: Focus on pollution prevention and energy efficiency for machining/metal fabrication facilities
2010 Source Issue 1

Issue 2: Focus on energy efficiency opportunities for a variety of facilities
2010 Source Issue 2

Issue 3: Focus on pollution prevention and energy efficiency for machining/metal fabrication facilities
2010 Source Issue 3



Issue 1: Focus on financing options and energy efficiency for chemical manufacturers and metal casters
2009 Source Issue 1

Issue 2: Focus on pollution prevention and energy efficiency in healthcare facilities
2009 Source Issue 2

Issue 3: Focus on interns, green teams, and ultraviolet finishes
2009 Source Issue 3



Issue 1: Focus on water reduction project, energy savings, and steam trap testing
2008 Source Issue 1

Issue 2: Focus on teams, interns, and site visits that lead to waste reduction, pollution prevention, and cost savings
2008 Source Issue 2

Issue 3: Focus on paint and powder coating opportunities as well as the 2009 Paint and Powder Coating Expo
2008 Source Issue 3



Issue 1: Focus on pharmaceutical waste and healthcare facilities
2007 Source Issue 1

Issue 2: Focus on reducing raw material waste, cleaning chemicals, and energy use
2007 Source Issue 2



Issue 1: Focus on boiler efficiency, paint and powder coating, and compressed air leaks
2006 Source Issue 1

Issue 2: Focus on laboratory waste, compressed air opportunities, and BOD/TSS loading
2006 Source Issue 2

Issue 3: Focus on increasing steam efficiency and reducing defect waste
2006 Source Issue 3



Issue 1: Focus on reducing scrap waste and extra supplies
2005 Source Issue 1

Issue 2: Focus on celebrating milestones in pollution prevention and materials exchange
2005 Source Issue 2



Issue 2: Focus on award-winning programs and companies
2004 Source Issue 2



Issue 1: Focus on understanding and reducing water use2003 Source Issue 1 Issue 2: Focus on using water effectively and efficiently2003 Source Issue 2

Issue 3: Focus on energy efficiency in a variety of facilities2003 Source Issue 3



Issue 1: Focus on environmental systems management2002 Source Issue 1

Issue 2: Focus on employee training
2002 Source Issue 1

Issue 3: Focus on making decisions to reduce waste
2002 Source Issue 3