TCE Webinar and Training

TCE Alternatives Webinars and Training

There are many reasons to avoid using trichloroethylene (TCE), and with recent headlines it’s more important than ever!  MnTAP provides complimentary assistance to businesses looking to replace their TCE!

MnTAP can assist in tailored lab testing of your soils and materials to find the best alternative to the TCE use. Our work is FREE and confidential. Please feel free to contact Jane Paulson and read more on our TCE Alternatives Project page.

Webinar Series

Introducing MnTAP’s TCE Alternatives Webinar Series! MnTAP staff has produced a series of webinars to provide information on the topic of TCE Alternatives.

Episode 8: 10 Tips to Replace TCE

Episode 7: Financial Assistance


MnTAP’s TCE Alternatives Project
Loans for Trichloroethylene Reduction
Small Business Environmental Improvement Loans
Business Pollution Prevention Program

Episode 6: Case Studies for TCE Alternatives


MnTAP’s TCE Alternatives Project
EPA P2 Case Studies
NYSP2I Direct Assistance Program

Episode 5: Regrettable Substitutions for TCE


MnTAP’s TCE Alternatives Project
Toxic Use Reduction Institute (TURI) MDH Air Guidance Values

Episode 4: How to Find TCE at Your Facility


MnTAP’s TCE Alternatives Project
TRI Data Explorer

Episode 3: Policy


MnTAP’s TCE Alternatives Project
Minnesota TCE Ban

Episode 2: Hazards of TCE


Minnesota Department of Health – Guidance for TCE in Air
Environmental Clean-Up Information
ATSDR U.S. Standards for TCE

Episode 1: Getting to Know TCE


MnTAP’s TCE Alternatives Project
ATSDR Toxic Substances Portal for TCE
ATSDR Trichloroethylene (TCE) Toxicity (2001)

Recordings & Presentations from the TCE Alternatives Training

2 – TURI, Cleaning Background, & TCE Alternatives

3 – TCE Case Studies

Case Study 3 – Lytron

4 – Site Visit Overview

5 – Cleaner Solutions & P2OASys Assessment Tools

6 – Laboratory Testing Process & Implementation