Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainable Manufacturing

MnTAP’s work was recently featured in The MPMA Precision Manufacturing May/June 2019 Journal – Sustainable Manufacturing: Reimagining the Process to Gain a Competitive Edge

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Michelle Gage, an engineer for MnTAP, said one of the easiest ways to start a manufacturing sustainability plan is by enlisting the help of employees to form “Green Teams” to create benchmarks to measure production metrics against  resource costs and get feedback on resource usage.

“There is a real value with talking with the operators and workers on the floor,” she explained, “They have good ideas and they might have a better way to do something you’re already doing – so a Green Team provides an opportunity for change.”

Trained MnTAP staff members work with businesses to form an internal team that can tackle energy and waste related issues. Once a team has been formed, MnTAP trains members about effective brainstorming and investigation techniques, as well as pollution prevention and energy efficiency strategies.

Another opportunity to address waste reduction and energy efficiency projects is to hire a MnTAP intern. The intern is paid in part by the business, and is mentored and guided by a MnTAP engineer or scientist. A full report and presentation of recommended action is provided, and all propriety information at the facility is kept confidential.