Chloride Reduction

Chloride Reduction Best Management Practices

This project sought to develop Best Management Practices (BMPs) to reduce chloride discharge in industrial wastewater effluent from water softeners. This work compiled a list of BMPs and created a flowchart for operations that should be considered during a water softener audit. These BMPs and audit strategies were tested during site visits at five facilities with a goal of making recommendations to companies to implement the BMPs.

Water Softener Optimization Flowchart

MnTAP Industrial Chloride Reduction Report

Pre-Visit Worksheet

Site Visit Worksheet

Elution Study – How to Perform & Interpret

An elution study is a diagnostic tool that helps determine any problems with the regeneration cycle. Performing an elution study is recommended to analyze the effectiveness of the regeneration process. The elution study can help identify any problems in the regeneration process and guide users to proper optimization actions.

Calculate Capacity & Efficiency

Water Conditioning Alternatives – How They Work & Efficencies

Learn about reverse osmosis (RO), Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC), and magentic water treatment (MAG).

Water Conditioning Alternatives

Intern Project Information

Executive Summary Presentation