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Industrial Water Efficiency Optimization Search Tool


Welcome to the Industrial Water Efficiency Optimization Search Tool from MnTAP and MCES!

Found in the tool below:

On the left you will find a number of filters to narrow down your search.

  • Suggestion Title: This is a text filter allowing you to search for any keyword you need in the title of the suggestion, e.g. valve, hose, etc.
  • Method: This is a checkbox filter which allows you to choose only suggestions which fall into a certain method of implementation.
  • NAICS: This allows users to search by the actual NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) code for each company. NAICS codes get more specific the more numbers that are added, so to search for codes starting in a certain string of numbers enter the string and then an asterisk (*), i.e. 311* returns all codes starting in 311.
  • Industry: This is another checkbox filter allowing you to see only suggestions made for a certain industry. In the upper right corner of this filter there is a magnifying lens, click this to search for specific industry names to select from
  • Actual Savings and Reduction: These filters allow you to put upper and lower bounds on the actual dollar savings and/or actual gallons saved for each suggestion. Change the selection in the drop-down checkbox to include or remove null values. Removing them will exclude all not implemented suggestions

On the right you will find data related to each suggestion made. Included are a number of stats related to each suggestion, including proposed cost, actual dollar and gallon savings, and proposed dollar and gallon savings. In the rightmost column we have a percentage showing the percent of the proposed dollar savings achieved, or the text Not Implemented if we do not have the data on whether it was implemented. For our suggestion data we rely on companies informing us on the implementation status of suggestions, and often we do not get this information. Hover over this field to see all details for this suggestion. More details for each suggestion can be found by following the Executive Summary link, which goes to the public executive summary produced for each project a suggestion was made for.

For more information on the usage of this tool, see the SOP.

Standard Operating Procedure – includes detatiled user information

SOP Document

Project Information

Executive Summary Presentation

Industrial Water Efficiency Optimization Search Tool

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