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Irrigation Area Calculator How-to

After you finished with the download, unzip the folder called “Irrigation Area Calculator” to your desire location. Inside the unzipped folder, double click the execution file called “irrigation_area_app_v5_wgui” to start up the application.

Once the program launched, you should see something similar like the picture below.

Description of Each Step

  1. Find the parcel you’re looking for with these links. These are the current counties supported in the application and each link will take you the parcel map for that county. Each site is slightly different, but typically it will present a map of the county and as you zoom in the parcel boundaries will appear. Locate the site for analysis and click within the parcel boundaries. If this doesn’t show a parcel ID (PID or PIN), you may need to click “Identify” near the top of the map before selecting a parcel. Once you have a parcel identification number, copy all of it for the next step.The application will strip all dashes (“-“) from the number, but will not remove other text. Only copy the number with dashes.
  2. Enter the parcel number here. In the box labeled “Parcel ID” paste the parcel ID number. Make sure you remove the text “Parcel ID” from the box before pasting the number.
  3. Select the county that the parcel resides in. This should match the link followed in step 1.
  4. (Optional) select the location of the output data file. If desired, clicking the “Browse…” button will bring up a dialogue box to select a location for the output data file. You must enter a file name to complete this step. Default file location is a folder title “csv_output_files” which is location in the same folder as the application.
  5. Press Submit.

Example Output

The output file contains areas (in square feet) for the entire parcel and for each distinct land use contained in that parcel. At the bottom of the output data is the irrigation area and the irrigation amount. The irrigation area is a summation of the grass/shrub, deciduous tree canopy, and coniferous tree canopy areas and is a good approximation for what needs to be irrigated on the parcel. The irrigation amount is the estimated amount the site needs to irrigate per year assuming 5 months of irrigation and that the turf needs 0.25 inches of irrigation per week. These assumptions are common, but not perfect, check with site contacts before making a recommendation.