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About MnTAP

The Minnesota Technical Assistance Program (MnTAP) is an outreach program at the University of Minnesota that helps Minnesota businesses develop and implement industry-tailored solutions that prevent pollution at the source, maximize efficient use of resources, and reduce energy use and costs to improve public health and the environment.

MnTAP staff members provide free, industry-tailored technical assistance. By reducing waste and increasing efficiency, you can save on disposal and raw material costs and decrease regulatory compliance burdens. You also will create healthier and safer working conditions for your employees.

Established in 1984, MnTAP is funded primarily by a pass-through grant from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's Resource Management and Assistance Division to the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, Division of Environmental Health Sciences. As part of the University, MnTAP has no regulatory responsibilities or obligations.


The implemented waste, energy and water conservation resulting from MnTAP efforts has resulted in an impressive set of environmental outcomes for the calendar year 2016.Over the course of the year, 279 businesses across the state received assistance from MnTAP engineers and scientists; 56 companies have implemented 124 MnTAP recommended process changes and realized reductions totaling over 45.3 million gallons of water, 1.4 million pounds of waste, 1.7 million kWh and over 42,000 therms of energy. Combined, these reductions are saving companies $1.38 million annually.

Read MnTAP's full 2016 Impact report [PDF 4.10 MB], which highlights special projects and the organization's overall achievements.










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