Conserve Water

Water Conservation Strategies


Water conservation is an important step in greening your business. In industrial facilities in Minnesota, it is likely that you are paying three times for your water, once for the water supply coming into your facility, again for adjusting, treating, and distributing the water throughout the building to do specific work, and finally for the discharge you are sending to local wastewater treatment plant. The following tips can help you reduce water use:

  • Understand your facility water balance- the flow distribution of water coming in, the water use details through the facility, and the flow discharge out. Determine what might be missing.
  • Reuse water (especially heated and conditioned water) before allowing discharge to drain
  • Use high-pressure, low volume wet cleaning systems for high impact impingement work needs
  • Optimize nozzle types for the application
  • Develop a preventative maintenance program to monitor and address leaks
  • Turn water off when not in use
  • Train your employees about water conservation objectives and goals
  • Create water reduction incentives for employees to strive for
  • Review your clean-in-place (CIP) systems to maximize efficient use of water

Additional information is available in the water conservation section of our Web site.