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Unused Paint

Unused latex paint can get a second life through reuse or through reprocessing and reblending.

  • MnTAP Fact Sheet: Options for Old Paint and Paint-related Materials. When no longer usable many materials painters work with are considered hazardous waste. Learn how to effectively reduce and manage these hazardous wastes including ignitable wastes, paints and paint thinners and toxic wastes with heavy metals.
  • MnTAP Source Article: Reprocessed Paint (1999). Hirshfield's, a paint manufacturer in Minneapolis worked with Hennepin County to reprocess interior latex paint from the county hazardous waste collection program.
  • MnTAP Source Article: Reusing Contaminated Raw Materials (1998). Valley Design reclaims powder coating for reuse, including contaminated
    powder—powder that becomes mixed with one or many colors after spraying.


Large quantities of leftover usable paint may find a user through the Minnesota Materials Exchange. List your paint on the free on-line exchange service or call 612.624.1300.
















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