Intern Information

MnTAP Summer Intern Program Information

The following information will help guide you through your intern project.  Please contact Matt Domski or find your advisor from the list below  if you have questions.


Data Gathering Tools & Calculators

There are a number of tools that MnTAP has available for interns to use.  This equipment can help you determine a number of factors and help you gather data to support your ideas and recommendations. All equipment must be checked out through your advisor.  The List of Data Gathering & Analysis Tools table indicates the equipment that MnTAP has available. If you are unsure of how a piece of equipment works or if it will fit your project, please contact your MnTAP advisor prior to use.

Additionally, there are a number of calculators that you may find useful for data gathering or analysis.

Final Reports

Your final report should be as comprehensive as possible and will be provided to both your company and MnTAP. The goal of developing this report is to provide enough information that company personnel can follow the information included to continue or maintain implementation of the recommendations as well as determine economic impacts. MnTAP uses the final report to conduct follow-up and develop case studies for dissemination to the public via our Web site and other avenues. The following guidance documents serve as examples of what to include in your final report. All files included below are in Microsoft Word format.

Final Presentations

At the end of your internship, you will give at least one public presentation about your project. You will also be asked to present your findings to your company and its leadership. Your public presentation will be 10 minutes with 5 minutes for questions at the end. It should follow the structure outlined in the template below. Please download the 2019 intern power point template and use it to develop your public presentation. The example presentation should be used for presentation content ideas and how to organize your presentation, however be sure to use the 2019 template as the power point format.

Watch: Your Best Talk Ever: Top Tips for Superstar Presentations

Orientation Slide Sets

The following slide sets were presented during the two-day orientation. If you need further information, or clarification, please contact Matt Domski or 612 – 624 – 5119.

MnTAP Advisors