Data & Calculators

Data Gathering and Analysis Calculators

Energy – Process Heating

Process Heating System Assessment Tool – PHASTAnalysis & opportunities for high temperature heating systemsOnline
Steam System Assessment Tool – SSATAnalysis & opportunities for steam heating systemsMnTAP Files
Boiler Efficiency CalculatorEstimates boiler effieciency and heat loss mechanismsOnline
State Supply Steam Trap CostsEstimates steam loss and cost for traps by type and sizeOnline
Steam Trap Cost EstimatorEstimates facility trap steam loss  and inspection costs for steam distribution systemsMnTAP Files
Tank Heat Loss CalculatorEstimates heat loss and costs for heated, open process tanksMnTAP Files
Steamline InsulationQuick heat loss estimates for pipes and sealed tanksMnTAP Files
3Eplus Insulation CalculatorEstimates heat loss, surface temperatures and costs for hot pipes and surfaces as a function of insulation thicknessOnline
Insulation of Pipes & EquipmentIndex to a number of pipe and equipment insulation heat loss calculatorsOnline
Insulation CostsTable of insulation costs for different sized pipe pulled from 3EplusMnTAP Files
Steam Leak Rate ChartsTables estimating steam loss as a function of hole size and steam pressureMnTAP Files

Energy – Equipment Efficiency

AirMaster+Analysis & opportunities for compressed air systemsOnline
Air compressor optimizationSavings analysis for seven opportunitiesOnline
Compressed air leak rate calculatorLeak cost estimatorMnTAP files
Compressed air self assessment toolID and estimate of opportunities for simple air systemsMnTAP files
MnTAP Pneumatic to Electric Tool Cost CalculatorEstimate savings possible by replacing pneumatic power tools with electric-driven power toolsOnline
MotorMaster Analysis & opportunities for motorsMnTAP Files
Notched Belt efficiency calculator for motor drivesEnergy savings from using notched belts for motor drivesOnline
Motor Decisions Matter ResourcesTool index for inventory spreadsheetOnline
Motor information and amp conversionhp to amp conversion, motor operating cost & typical motor efficienciesMnTAP files
Fan System Assessment Tool – FSATAnalysis & opportunities for fan systemsOnline
VSD Calculator for fansestimate saving by adding a VSD drive to a fan systemOnline
Pump System Assessment Tool – PSATAnalysis & opportunities for pump systemsOnline
VSD Calculator for PumpsEstimate savings by adding a VSD drive to a pump systemOnline
Pump system improvement modelingModeling software for pump systemsMnTAP files
Pump life cycle cost estimateLife cycle cost estimate for pumpsMnTAP files
CHP assessment toolestimate the value of combined heat and power generation for an applicationOnline
Data CenterProfiling tool for data center energy useOnline
Focus on Energy refrigeration calculatorAnalysis & quick estimates of 7 refrigeration improvement opportunitiesOnline
Refrigerator CalculatorEnergy and cost of operating refrigerationOnline
Water-Cooled Electric Chiller CalculatorEnergy and cost of operating water cooled chillersOnline
Air-Cooled Chillers CalculatorEnergy and cost of operating air cooled chillersOnline
Energy and Cost Savings Calculators for Energy-Efficient ProductsIndex to energy and operating cost of commercial equipmentOnline
Air Cooled Heat ExchangerGet a preliminary design and cost for an air cooled heat exchangerMnTAP files
Air Cooled Heat Exchanger designEstimate size of an air-cooled heat exchangerOnline
Lake Flow Pressure ConversionTable to correct Lake flow meter reading for different operating pressuresMnTAP files

Energy – Miscellaneous

Save Energy now tool indexTools index for motor, pump, fan, steam, heat, CHP, compressed air systems, etc)Online
Plant Energy ProfilerHelp industrial plant managers identify how energy is being purchased and consumed at their plant and identify potential energy and cost savingsOnline
TX Savings CalculatorGuide to facility conservation with savings estimateOnline
RETScreenSophisticated screening analysis for a wide range of efficiency, cogeneration, and renewable energy projects for homes and buildingsOnline
Energy PlusEnergy modeling software –  models heating, cooling, lighting, ventilation, other energy flows, and water useOnline
Industrial Facility scorecardScore cards / opportunity listings for building envelope, lighting, space conditioning, ventilation and water heatingOnline
Heating Benchmark CalculatorBuilding space heating analysisOnline
Equipment Usage Breakdown Creates a bldg energy foot print from a individual usesMnTAP files
RPU Lighting calculatorEstimates coste savings for improved lighting and from using occupancy sensors. Emphaisi on LED lightingOnline
RPU Lighting calculatorListing of energy and technical attributes for common commercial lighting productsOnline
Small Business Energy-Intensive Calculator: ENERGY STARCompares commercial and institutional building energy use to benchmarksOnline

Energy – Financial Analysis

TX Savings CalculatorGuide to facility conservation with savings estimateOnline
Xcel Energy At Risk Financial ModelFinacial analysis tool for energy project to aid in justification: simple bayback, ROI, breakeven analysis & opportunity costOnline
Pump Life Cycle CostsLife cycle cost estimate for pumpsMnTAP files

Energy – GHG and Emissions

Energy and environmental impactsEstimates CO2 and other pollutant amounts for electrical and gas consumption in MNMnTAP files
Infinite power energy calculators and softwareIndex of calculator resourcesOnline
GHG Protocol InitiativeIndex of tools to estimate GHG emissions from production processesOnline
Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator ; Clean Energy ; US EPAConverts greenhouse gas emission amounts to more commonly understood amountsOnline
Waste Home – Waste Reduction Model (WARM) ; Climate Change – What You Can Do ; U.S. EPAGreenhouse gas impacts by alternative solid waste management practicesOnline
Simplified GHG Emissions Calculator (MS Excel)Estimate the carbon footprint for small businessOnline
Center for Sustainable Economy FootprintPersonal ecological footprintOnline
Global Footprint Network Footprint calculatorPersonal ecological footprintOnline

Pollution Prevention

CBG solvent distillation cost calculatorEstimates solvent recovery volume, waste generation and savings for solvent distillationOnline
Measurement in P2 ; Pollution Prevention ; US EPAIndex to EPA P2 calculators and toolsOnline
GLRPPR: Sector Resources: P2 Measurement & CalculatorsIndex of carbon footprint and GHG calculatorsOnline
Green Cleaning Pollution Prevention CalculatorIdentifies improved practices for managing building chemicals for hard floor, carpet & bathroom cleaning, and estimates reductions from implementationOnline
Green Values Stormwater CalculatorIdentifies residential stormwater management interventions and estimates the impact of implementationOnline
Ceres Aqua Gauge – Water policy scorecardEvaluation of corporate water risk and water stewardship for investor analysisOnline
EPA AQ tools and calculatorsIndex of tools and calculator related to air quality and air emmissionsOnline


LogTool v2.lnkGraphs and allows easy visualization of AirMaster data and other data setsOnline
Conversion CityUnit conversion toolOnline
Engineering ToolBoxWide range of engineering-related data and calculatorsOnline
Wolfram AlphaSolve equations; examples illustrating mathematical basis for a range of topics and leads to info sourcesOnline
Industrial Heat exchangerPsychrometric changes for air going through blowers, heat exchangers, & pnuematic linesOnline
Psychrometric calculatorList of downloadable Psychomentric charts and resources dealing with the energy and moisture content of airOnline
Opportunities MatrixTemplates for collecting energy related equipment data at manufacturing facilitiesMnTAP files
ChemFinderChemical properties & sourcesOnline
WebElementsElement periodic table & informationOnline