Brent Vizanko

brentBrent Vizanko

Associate Engineer | 612-624-4653

Brent started with MnTAP as an intern in the 2016 intern program. After a year and half in the environmental consulting industry, he decided to come back to MnTAP starting in 2018 to pursue his passion for water conservation and waste reduction. He has always been focused on water conservation starting with his intern project and continues to pursue water and wastewater projects. Brent‘s interests also lie in water pollution prevention and waste reduction.

Brent’s driving principal is that water is an essential natural resource that needs to be conserved and protected to ensure clean and usable water for future generations.

Education / Training

  • Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering – University of Minnesota
  • Registered Engineer in Training (EIT) – Minnesota Board of AELSLAGID