Jon Schroeder

headshot of JonJon Schroeder

Sustainable Materials Management Specialist| 612-624-4645

Jon’s professional passion lies in all realms of sustainability, but particularly food waste at the moment. Jon has several years of sustainability experience spanning various settings including the private sector, government, academia, and a startup. He will be using his broad experience working on many material-related topics in this role, directly interfacing with companies looking to reduce waste generation and divert it where it occurs, and as a part of this, will be leading the Minnesota Materials Exchange program. He also is an aspirational Master Gardener (hopes to enroll this year).

Education / Training

  • Bachelor of Science in Business, Minor in Sustainability – Carlson School – University of Minnesota
  • Business Exchange Program – Universitat St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • Master of Science, Sustainable Systems – Golisano Institute for Sustainability
  • LEED AP, Homes