Student Roles & Responsibilities

roles-2In general, MnTAP requires our interns to do the following:

  • Attend a two-day orientation and training on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus.
  • Determine how waste is currently produced and energy is used in company processes. Gather data from reviewing reports and running tests.
  • Identify what other companies are doing in regards to the project. Contact vendors about best available technologies. Research and evaluate options for reducing waste and/or energy use.
  • Work with the company’s management and employees to determine feasibility of different waste and/or energy reduction options. Develop a cost comparison between the use of existing procedures and new ones.
  • Write a final report and present project results.

Interns work on site at the company facilities under the supervision of the company and MnTAP staff. Positions are full-time for three months, starting at the conclusion of spring semester or quarter.

Responsibilities Outlined in the Intern Project Agreement

More specific roles and responsibilities are outlined in the MnTAP Intern Project Agreement. Each project has an agreement, which outlines the project, sets the scope of work, and defines the research and deliverables. It highlights the roles and responsibilities of the people involved. This agreement is developed once each project has been accepted and then it is signed by representatives at the facility, MnTAP staff members, and the University of Minnesota. While the agreement provides greater details about your role and responsibilities as an intern, the following are general responsibilities.

  • Agree upon a work schedule with the company supervisor.
  • Participate in safety training and work in a safe manner. Understand the hazards of chemicals and/or equipment you work with and follow the company’s policies for the use of required equipment for safety or personal protection. Exercise good judgment in the work environment in matters of safety and health and inquire as needed to clarify proper operating procedures.
  • Follow regular company policies and regulations while working at the company.
  • Consult with the company supervisor and MnTAP technical advisor to understand what information the company considers sensitive, proprietary or confidential. Read and abide by the MnTAP Confidentiality Statement and the confidentiality obligations under this agreement and apply them to this project.
  • Review project progress with your company supervisor on a regular basis.
  • Maintain a notebook with a log of daily work.
  • Prepare short weekly progress reports for your MnTAP technical advisor and company supervisor.
  • Research and evaluate options for reducing waste. Use all available sources of information.
  • Propose to the company project supervisor for review and approval all tests and changes in procedures or equipment. Receive all needed reviews and approvals before proceeding.
  • Make certain that any options recommended for implementation have been researched carefully.
  • Take steps to implement approved recommendations if time permits.
  • Write a final report by the end date of the intern project. Present for approval by the company all recommendations with economic and environmental analysis, including process change requirements.
  • Present project results (subject to your company’s review and comment) at your company and at a MnTAP-sponsored event.