Benefits and Compensation for Student Interns

stubenefits-2There are many benefits to participating in the MnTAP intern program. For example, your participation:

  • Looks good on a resume.
  • Allows you to solve real problems by gathering data, and identifying and evaluating options.
  • Demonstrates that you can work independently.
  • Shows project management ability.
  • Provides you with an opportunity to affect actual change in products, processes, or procedures.
  • Gives you experience in an industrial setting.
  • Increases your experience in working with people, equipment, procedures, chemicals, and raw materials.

On Their Resumes

After completing their internships, some interns have added these experiences to their resumes:

  • American Converters: Switched to water-based adhesive, saving 32,000 pounds of air emissions and $40,000 annually in compliance costs.
  • Bouquet Enterprises: Eliminated 6,000 pounds of selenium acid saving $5,500 annually.
  • Endocardial Solutions: Reduced 1.4 tons of solid waste per year through a project with a payback of less than a year with first year savings of about $15,000.
  • Hoffman: Researched water conservation opportunities that are saving 3.4 million gallons and nearly $32,000 annually.

In Their Words…

“With this job experience I now have job opportunities lining up for next summer and it’s only fall. I can look at what I’ve learned and apply it to other situations.” Kurt Manufacturing Intern, University of Minnesota chemical engineering student.

“I went from having only interviews with a few companies to having several job offers after my MnTAP internship.” Anagram Intern, University of Minnesota chemical engineering student.


As of 2023, interns are paid $18.00 per hour during the 500 hours of summer employment. In addition, upon successful completion of your project, you are awarded a $1,000 stipend. The stipend is contingent upon the completion of project deliverables including a final report, presentations and other duties as requested by MnTAP and your company. Cumulatively, your pay equals approximately $20.00 per hour when averaged over the three months of the project. MnTAP reimburses you for work-related mileage, but does not cover relocation or housing expenses.