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Take Action this Summer to Save Water & Money at Your Car Wash

Washington County Public Health and Environment is partnering with the Minnesota Technical Assistance Program (MnTAP), a business environmental assistance program at the University of Minnesota, to identify and implement water efficiency recommendations at your car wash operation.

Please fill out our survey! We want to know more about car washes in the county and how we can help you improve efficiency and cut costs.


Interested in Participating

We are looking for car washes in Washington County that are interested in participating, whether that means a site assessment, a site visit, or sharing general advice and knowledge. A site assessment would involve MnTAP staff coming to your location and evaluating the efficiency of the operation. This could include taking water flow measurements, inspecting equipment, and analyzing overall water usage. Assessments are applicable to any type of car or vehicle wash. After each assessment, you will receive a confidential site letter with recommendations on how to save water at your facility. If you are not interested in a site assessment, please consider giving us a tour of your facility so that we can learn more about how your operation works and develop best practices to conserve water.

Save Money

There are many different levels of water saving opportunities in car washes. As part of our research, we are working to see which methods work the best and save the most water and money for the business. The hope is that through site assessments, we will find opportunities that save a large quantity of water so that you can also see monetary savings.

Get Involved

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Please fill out our survey!