Brake Cleaner

Better Brake Cleaner, Refillable Sprayers Offer Grand Savings at Grandview

Brake cleaner is the most commonly used solvent in automotive repair shops, most of which contain hazardous air pollutants, despite some being marketed as environmentally friendly.

Given the health risks associated with some ingredients in brake cleaners, Grandview wanted to find a green alternative. After some testing, the best choice for Grandview Auto was CRC Brakleen 05050, which reduced their VOC emissions by 850 lbs and HAPs by 30 lbs annually.

Already incorporated into Grandview’s operations was the use of refillable sprayers. They use compressed air-powered Sure Shot sprayers to dispense the brake cleaner, which they buy in bulk in 55 gallon drums. Grandview owner Rick Murphy estimates a $300-400 annual savings by buying bulk brake cleaner and $1,000-1,500 from using reusable sprayers instead of aerosol cans, not to mention what they are saving in environmental disposal costs.

Murphy recommends steel sprayers with handle triggers. He says the ones he buys last 10-12 years and the parts that wear are out, such as nozzles and O-rings, are easy to replace via the manufacturer.

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