Reprint Policy

MnTAP Resources Reprint Policy

Thank you for your interest in MnTAP and our publications, articles, and Web resources. If you are interested in reprinting or distributing information produced by MnTAP in an altered form, please email MnTAP. Once we receive your request, we will respond to you via e-mail within five business days. If you receive authorization, you will be able to reprint or use the requested material only in the manner indicated. Additional reprints or use requires additional authorization. MnTAP materials are not to be used to endorse a specific product or service.

Photocopying materials or printing from the Web site is welcomed and does not require explicit permission.

Reprint Instructions

When reprinting and using MnTAP materials, we require that you:

  • Use MnTAP materials to promote the advancement of pollution prevention and energy efficiency.
  • Include appropriate credit to MnTAP as the source of the publication or image. For publication credits, include the following components: Title, author(s) and/or editor, date of publication (or volume and number), and “Reprinted with permission from the Minnesota Technical Assistance Program.”
  • Remove all references to call MnTAP and/or MnTAP staff before printing, unless specific permission to include them is provided. We encourage Minnesota organizations to include MnTAP contact information.
  • Provide MnTAP with a copy of your publication in which our material appears or the Web address of where our information is posted.
  • No alteration of images is permitted without written permission.
  • Delete all electronic files after the authorized one-time use.

Thank you for your interest in MnTAP. If you have any questions, please call 612-624-1300.