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Minnesota Technical Assistance Program
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Dairyland Equipment Services / Wabasha County, Plainview

Goal: Evaluate the use of mercury manometers in the dairy industry.

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Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Grand Rapids

Goal: Research waste reduction in a vehicle maintenance facility.

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Minnesota Waste Wise, Saint Paul

Goal: General technical support for the program.


Advance Circuits, Roseville

Goal: Evaluate water conservation at a printed circuit board manufacturer.

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Astoria Industries, Jackson

Goal: Research source reduction and recycling opportunities for a fiberglass reinforced plastics shop.

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EMD Associates, Winona

Goal: Recommend options to reduce lead solder paste and solder flux in a printed circuits manufacturing facility.

Fisher-Rosemount, Eden Prairie

Goal: Identify and segregate contaminated materials to reduce hazardous waste.

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University Technology Center, Minneapolis

Goal: Develop methods for reducing waste in a multi-tenant commercial building.

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US Steel - Minntac, Mountain Iron

Goal: Identify solid waste source reduction options and develop a plant-wide waste recycling program.


Crenlo, Rochester

Goal: Reduce solvent emissions in painting operations.

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Rosemount Aerospace, Burnsville

Goal: Investigate aqueous alternatives for cleaning measurement instrumentation.

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SCS Co-Sines, Maplewood

Goal: Recommend solutions for zinc alloy die cast scrap reuse.

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Tandem Products, Blooming Prairie

Goal: Reduce waste in polyurethane manufacturing operations.

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Wernke Ink, Plymouth

Goal: Develop options for recycling ink-contaminated HDPE containers.

Zytec Corporation, Redwood Falls

Goal: Identify source recovery options for isopropyl alcohol at an electronic equipment manufacturer.

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Avecor Cardiovascular, Plymouth

Goal: Evaluate alternatives to freon used in manufacturing medical equipment and supplies.

ME International, Duluth

Goal: Investigate alternatives to 1,1,1-trichloroethane used in a foundry process.

Medallion Kitchens, Waconia

Goal: Increase transfer efficiency through part placement, spray adjustment and overspray reuse.

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Minnesota Valley Engineering, New Prague

Goal: Identify, assess, and minimize Industrial coatings waste.

Nico Plating, Minneapolis

Goal: Investigate the use of aqueous cleaners as substitutes for tricholorethylene.

Sci-Med Life, Maple Grove

Goal: Evaluate cold cleaning with isopropyl alchol to reduce CFC-113 use in medical device manufacturing.

Vision-Ease Polycarbonate, Brooklyn Center

Goal: Research eliminating trichloroethylene, a chlorinated solvent, from multifocal lens production.


Aaron Carlson Company, Minneapolis

Goal: Assemble a list of waterbased lacquer suppliers and establish criteria for judging the quality of finish to compare lacquers.

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Continental Machines, Inc., Savage

ICI Fiberite, Winona

ThermoKing, Bloomington