City of Browerville

City of Browerville Develops PMP

The City of Browerville, population 735, is on its way to reducing phosphorus discharges to the Long Prairie River. Phosphorus is a concern in the river because it stimulates algae growth, which dies rapidly, depleting oxygen to a point that may be harmful to aquatic life.

Using a PMP, Browerville laid out a plan to reduce phosphorus discharges to its wastewater treatment ponds. Phosphorus enters the ponds at 30.8 mg/L, 10% residential and 90% industrial sources, and leaves at 4.2 mg/L.

With an 86% removal rate in its treatment ponds, the city would like to further reduce its discharge phosphorus concentration to two mg/L. To reduce phosphorus loading, industries in Browerville are looking for ways to cut raw material loss, improve housekeeping and keep materials off the floor and out of the drain. The city is also encouraging businesses and residents to use phosphorus–free soaps and cleaners.