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Pollution Prevention & Energy Efficiency for Iron Mines

Mining, a large industry in Minnesota, creates waste and uses substantial amounts of energy. The resources provided here will assist your mine with reducing energy use and waste in your operations.

Northeast Minnesota’s six iron mining and processing facilities produce two-thirds of the iron ore used to make steel in the United States. The iron ore is recovered from taconite, which is a challenging process that produces large amounts of waste and requires significant energy use. In fact, total energy use is estimated at 25 million mmBtu annually. Typical waste streams include priority pollutant air emissions, cooling water, wastewater, and waste rock as solid waste. Additionally, all six mining facilities in Minnesota are high energy users, according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

The Coleraine Minerals Research Laboratory also offers assistance to Minnesota’s iron mines. This facility is at the University of Minnesota-Duluth in the Center for Applied Research and Technology Development.

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Iron Range Resources

This Web site has information to advance regional growth of Northeastern Minnesota’s mining areas.

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