Gopher Conferencing

Gopher Conferencing

If you are interested in setting up a conference call, you may use Gopher Conferencing. Abbrieviated instructions are included on this page; lengthier instructions are available in a downloadable PDF file.

Setting up a conference call

Creating a Meeting

  • Fill in Meeting Name
  • Fill in date, time and duration of your call – it is better to estimate the time longer than you expect (for example, if you are going to have a 1 hour call, you must indicate the duration as 1.5 hour in case your call goes long).
  • Meeting type should be “Generic Passcode” because this will have 1 passcode for all participants
  • Enable name recording: NO
  • Leave play tones as is or change if you wish
  • Indicate if this is a recurring meeting
  • Select the number of lines you anticipate including yourself. Add one just in case you have underestimated.
  • You may leave e-mail reminder on or turn it off
  • If you select YES to “conference without moderator,” all parties can enter the call as they arrive without having to wait on a moderator. If you do indicate NO, the moderator is Bob, not you the person setting up the call.
  • The last two are your option and unnecessary (also at this point untested by MnTAP staff)
  • Click “Continue”

Adding Participants

  • You do not have to add participants; this is up to you.
  • If you do add participants, you do not have to include email or phone unless you want to.
  • If you add email addresses, the system MAY notify your participants but MAY not.
  • Click “Reserve Meeting”
  • Click “Confirm”
  • You will get a confirmation screen letting you know your meeting has been set up and attendees with email addresses have been notified.
  • On this screen, make note of the meeting ID (4 digits under your meeting name called Conference ID)
  • Then make note of your passcode listed next to your name and the other names (if you entered them)
  • If you did not enter any names, the passcode to use is listed next to “Participant”

Sending information to your participants

  • Send the conference call to your participants. Include date, time, duration, and any agenda or discussion items.
  • Off campus participants will need to dial 612-624-2663; on campus, dial 4-2663
  • Don’t forget to send your Conference ID and passcode that you wrote down from your meeting reservation.
  • You will want to send all this information to your participants whether you listed them as a participant in the system or not. It is not GUARANTEED (or tested by MnTAP staff at this point) that the system will email non-campus participants.

More Information

The PDF instructions include information about moderating calls and participating in conference calls through this system. It is highly recommended that you review this information before setting up a conference call via this system.

Instructions for using UMConnect (Webinar software) is coming soon!