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Water Conservation Projects in the Metro

MnTAP has launched a new project (October 2016 through December 2017) to identify water conservation opportunities aimed at industrial water users in Washington County. This project is supported by Washington County and has goals for MnTAP staff to conduct three water efficiency assessments at interested facilities located in the county, and for one intern project conducted in summer 2017.

Assessments would include an analysis of process flow and utility data to understand how and where water is used in the facility, interviews with facility staff members to refine the details of the operation, and research on cost effective options and alternatives that will work specifically to reduce water use and costs. While business participation in this program is public information, each of the assessment projects will result in a thorough, site specific confidential report of water efficiency findings that will only be shared with facility staff. MnTAP staff will remain available to the business to support implementation as needed.

A MnTAP staff assessment will address some, but maybe not all of your facility’s water-use complexities. In that case, bringing a full-time summer intern to the facility would be an option. The MnTAP Intern Program hires qualified engineering students to conduct projects in Minnesota businesses that develop and implement efficiency solutions. MnTAP has supported over 200 successful intern project over the last 30 years at facilities all across Minnesota to research options for energy, waste and water efficiency and launch implementation projects. See examples of past MnTAP Intern projects in MnTAP Solutions.

Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) water efficiency intern projects

MnTAP is also continuing intern project work supported by Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) with Clean Water Funds. We have goals to conduct another +4 water conservation intern projects in summer 2017.

Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) water conservation motivation report

In addition, by the end of 2017, MnTAP will have interviewed all the key contacts we have worked with from 2012-2017 focused on water efficiency intern projects and/or assessments to assemble information and feedback on their motivations and barriers to water conservation. This report will give MCES a better picture across an 11 county metro region why and why not water conservation by revisiting technical work completed during the Private Industrial Water Users project and the North and East Ground Water Management Area (GWMA) Metro Industrial Water Conservation work, as well as other water-focused staff and intern projects.

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Water Projects & Events

  • Governor Mark Dayton has declared 2016 as a Year of Water Action in Minnesota. The Governor called on Minnesotans to affirm their commitment to rethinking how water impacts daily life and the lives of future generation; use water efficiently and wisely in everyday activities; learn more about what individuals can do to protect and preserve water; make informed consumer choices; and to talk to one another about water protection and preservation
  • 2017 Intern Program Has Launched
  • Nearly 25 companies and more than 195 students applied for 14 projects in 2016 — the largest group of summer intern projects ever coordinated by MnTAP. To learn more about the 2016 projects click here. Fill out a 2017 intern project proposal on line.

Contact Us

Let us know if you are interested in getting involved in this water conservation project, at no cost to your business. For questions or further information, contact Mick Jost, MnTAP Program Coordinator and project lead, at or 612-624-4694.

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