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MPCA has about $125,000 in total grant funding available for projects that aim to reduce emissions of high global warming potential greenhouse gas refrigerants, such as Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants, from grocery, convenience store, and/or food storage facilities and transport vehicles in Minnesota.

DEC 1, 11:00 AM(CST)
CARD Webinar: Reconsidering Cooling Loads in Minnesota

Hosted by: MN Department of Commerce

In this webinar, Ben Schoenbauer, senior research engineer at the Center for Energy and Environment, will discuss the current state of cooling in Minnesota; innovations in cooling technology; barriers to higher-performance cooling systems; and opportunities for homeowners, contractors, and programs to increase the overall performance and energy efficiency of their systems.

DEC 1, 2:15 PM – 3:00 PM(CST)
CERTS Virtual Test Drive of Electric Vehicles

Hosted by: Drive Electric Minnesota, Plug In America
Online Event

This virtual test drive experience will show off three different EVs and their features. Attendees will have the opportunity to talk with EV and understand the joy, power, and quiet of driving electric, right from their own home.

DEC 10, 1:00 PM(CST)
CERTS Virtual Test Drive of Electric Vehicles

Hosted by: Drive Electric Minnesota, Plug In America

In this webinar Russ Landry (Center for Energy and Environment), Steve Mulqueen (Cascade Energy), Melanie Lord (Slipstream), and Jim Kelsey (kW Engineering) discuss the barriers and opportunities for utility driven C&I refrigeration efficiency. Through in-depth interviews with facility managers, contractors, distributors, utility program managers and more, the project team has assessed the state of the Minnesota C&I refrigeration market and identified technologies and program approaches that can help maximize utilities’ refrigeration program savings. They will present a quantitative look at the large refrigeration dominated facilities in MN (Grocery stores, food processing facilities, cold storage warehouses, and ice arenas), as well as the refrigeration measures that apply to them. This expands on the 2018 CARD potential study by providing a detailed view of the available energy savings in this important market in Minnesota.