Food Waste Solutions

Food Waste Solutions

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April 22, 2020 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Food Waste SolutionsFood Waste Solutions

Presented by the Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives Institute

Registration and breakfast at 8:15 am

Our spring symposium is "Food Waste Solutions." According to the USDA, more than one-third of all food in the United States goes uneaten through loss or waste. This has tremendous implications for the environment, economy, and human health.

MnTAP's Matt Dromski will be presenting as well.

But what can we do about it? Keynote speaker Tristram Stuart will set the stage for a conversation exploring some of the most promising solutions for preventing wasted food in our food system.

Keynote Speaker
Tristram Stuart
 is an international award-winning author, speaker, campaigner, and expert on the environmental and social impacts of food.

His TED talk has been watched over 1.7 million times.

Tristram has been a principal protagonist in building the global movement that has mobilized hundreds of organizations, millions of individuals, achieved mass behavior change, obtained commitments from the world’s biggest food companies and governments, and a Sustainable Development Goal (12.3) to halve food waste by 2030. Tristram is an official UN Champion of this Global Goal. See Tristram's full bio HERE.

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