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Pollution Prevention in the Ethanol Industry

Ethanol production is a significant industrial activity in Minnesota. As of July 2010, 20 plants were in operation with a production capacity of approximately 1.1 billion gallons per year. Three additional plants have been proposed or are under construction with an anticipated production capacity of 220 million gallons per year.

Ethanol production is energy and water use intensive, and there are significant concerns about environmental impacts. However, there are opportunities to increase energy efficiency, reduce water consumption, and reduce impacts to Minnesota’s air and water resources. Many of these opportunities are included in these Web pages along with information on the performance of Minnesota’s ethanol production facilities, important news for the industry, new technologies and best practices.

Recent News

EPA annnounced the release of the draft report, Biofuels and the Environment: The First Triennial Report to Congress. This report reviews impacts across the biofuel supply chain, including feedstock production and logistics, and biofuel production, distribution, and use.

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