A. J. Van den Berghe

ajA. J. Van den Berghe


 vand0576@umn.edu |  612 – 624 – 4653

At MnTAP, A.J. provides technical assistance in the areas of industrial energy use and conservation. A.J. is currently researching energy efficiency opportunities for a variety of industries, with a focus on Minnesota’s ethanol and printing industries. He realizes that the efficient use of energy directly reduces a business’s environmental impact and bottom line.

A.J. finds working with energy efficiency rewarding because implementing energy solutions opens the door for further efficiency projects. A.J. contributed to the Minnesota Department of Commerce research on new or underutilized energy efficiency technologies for printers, ethanol plants, grain drying operations, and solid wood industries. His work helped printers to identify potential energy conservation measures related to compressed air, HVAC, and process equipment. Additionally, A.J. is involved with providing energy audits as a follow-up to MnTAP’s DOE trainings.

Education / Training

  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management with an emphasis in Corporate Environmental Management, University of Minnesota
  • Certified Energy Manager
  • 2 years experience in electronics manufacturing, environmental regulations and reporting, energy efficiency research, and assisting businesses with energy conservation through the Conservation Improvement Program
  • Past MnTAP student researcher working with the Department of Commerce industry energy conservation market analysis reports

Speaking Topics

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Pollution Prevention Opportunities for Printers and Ethanol Facilities