University of Minnesota
Minnesota Technical Assistance Program

MnTAP has a number of current programs to help businesses and targeted industries voluntarily reduce VOC emissions in a cost effective fashion. Keep an eye on this page for the latest training dates and project updates.

Industrial and Vehicle maintenance degreasing

  • Pilot projects will provide FREE product samples to help identify effective lower VOC degreasing products, and technical support to make sure the new products meet all process needs. Click here to apply now!
  • For more information, or if you are interested in participating in a pilot project contact:
    • Jane Paulson - Industrial maintenance degreasing, or 612-624-1826
    • Matt Domski - Vehicle maintenance degreasing, or 612- 624-5119

Industrial Painting and Autobody Repair

  • Webinar Series: Industrial Painting for Lower Cost, Better Finish, Cleaner Air
  • VirtualPaint training can improve transfer efficiency and paint utilization. Computerized simulation provides real-time feedback for target film thickness percentage, paint sprayed, paint wasted, cost, gun distance to target, and gun speed.
  • Water-borne paint system demonstrations, networking, and information sessions - Get practical information on how to make and afford a system switch from traditional solvent-based paint systems. Resources will be available to help you better understand regulatory and safety issues.
  • For more information contact:

Fiber Reinforced Plastics

Apply now to participate in an E3 in FRP project. MnTAP is now looking for companies to participate in the E3 in FRP project. Participating Fiber Reinforced Plastics companies will receive FREE Pollution prevention, Energy Efficiency, and Lean assessments, training, technical assistance, and tips on the latest FRP techniques, equipment, and materials.

  • Check MnTAP’s E3 in FRP webpage for the latest newsletters and project updates.
  • Contact Jane Paulson, or 612-624-1826 for more information.

Grants and Loans

  • The City of Minneapolis is will beaccepting applications for their Green Business Matching Grant Program. Grants are available for dry cleaners, vehicle repair, service and maintenance shops, or other businesses that have innovative green solutions that reduce pollution and improve air quality by reducing VOC emissions, particulate matter emissions, or other harmful Hazardous Air Pollutants. Matching grants are a one-third (City) to two-third (business) match.
  • MnTAP will assist with grant and loan applications as needed to help complete application paperwork or to develop proposals. Contact Matt Domski at 612-624-5119 for assistance. Refer to these VOC reduction ideas for changes that you might make when applying for a grant proposal.
  • In 2014, MPCA awarded over $500,000 iin small business grants to defray the cost of implementing VOC reduction. Additional grant funds may be available in 2015. Sign up for Environmental Assistance Grants email updates to be notified when grant funds are announced.
  • MPCA offers a number of loan programs to assist with the capital costs of implementing environmentally preferable technologies.

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