Smart Salting Level 1 for Parking Lots and Sidewalks

Smart Salting Level 1 for Parking Lots and Sidewalks


Smart Salting Level 1 for Parking Lots and Sidewalks

From 8:30am until 2:30pm

At Washington Conservation District

Whether you are an environmental staff person wanting to learn more about the subject or a winter maintenance professional who maintains roads or other surfaces, the message is the same. 1 Tb salt contaminates 5 gallons of water.

The power of winter maintenance professionals is enormous. They are one of the few groups of people that can change the future of our water. One teaspoon of road salt will contaminate 5 gallons of water enough to exceed our federal chronic limit for chlorides. One tandem load of 10 yards of salt will contaminate about 8 million gallons of water.

All of the salt we have applied to the roads over the years is still with us, only in our water.

Workshops provide concrete suggestions for reducing chloride pollution while keeping the roads, parking lots, sidewalks safe.

The outline for training includes topics such as:

  • The power you have today, to make changes, to protect our water.
  • The effect of winter maintenance on our lakes and rivers.
  • How do de-icers and abrasives work.
  • Decisions on anti-icing and de-icing.
  • Selection of the best product for the conditions.
  • Cost savings tips

Contact Jenn Radtke to register.

Training by Fortin Consulting, Inc.

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