Best Practices for Pollinators Summit

Best Practices for Pollinators Summit

2500 County Road E, St. Anthony

At Silverwood Visitor Center

2500 County Road E, St. Anthony

Best Practices for Pollinators Summit

An independent poll shows 87% of Minnesota citizens are concerned about pollinator decline, and justifiably so. Bees and pollinators are struggling, putting natural ecosystems and agricultural systems at risk. Communities need to act now with ecologically sound land management practices and policies. Best Practices for Pollinators provides resources, background and innovation. This comprehensive summit is packed full of useful and practical knowledge. By popular demand, this year: longer, indepth talks and more Q&A opportunities.

Who should attend: Land managers (private, public, local, county, state), policymakers, public works and parks
managers, environmental & parks commissions, roadside managers, parks & trails managers, county
commissioners, city council, city and county planners and supervisors, and conservation educators.

Topics Include:
Herbicide-Free Restoration Success Stories
Large Area Prairie Conversion
Seed Mix Design with Pollinators in Mind
Effects of Pesticides on Pollinators
The Latest on Pollinator Conservation
Turf Conversion for Pollinator Habitat
Pollinator Resource Tables

This summit fills up, so register early. Breakfast refreshments and certificate of completion included.

Sponsors: Pollinator Friendly Alliance, Three Rivers Park District, Minnesota Native  Landscapes, Natural Shore Technologies, Prairie Restorations, Goat Dispatch.